It is important to know how to properly care for your flowers…

If you have received a Cut Flower Bouquet

  • Be sure to use a clean vase with fresh water
  • Mix in the flower food that we have provided for you
  • Remove any leaf that might end up underwater as this causes the water to go foul.
  • Recut the stems on an angle, cutting off about 2cm of the stem
  • Place bouquet immediately into the water
  • Change the water every second day or so, making sure to recut the stems each time and remove any dead flowers/leaves where possible.

If you have received an arrangement

  • Keep somewhere cool and avoid placing onto objects that may get hot
  • Avoid placing near fruit as it gives off an ethylene gas and this can shorten the life of your flowers
  • Pour ¼ to ½ a cup of water into the middle of the arrangement once a day
  • Remove any tired flowers/leaves where possible


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